Our History

God planted the vision for Higher Ground Global Ministries (hereafter "HGGM") in Bishop Steven Robert White during his time of prayer and worship. The vision for HGGM was birthed in January 1998, shortly after Bishop White relocated to Cincinnati, Ohio from Detroit, Michigan. Being a son of the gospel at Impact Ministries International, Bishop and Pastor White submitted the vision for HGGM to their spiritual parents, Bishop Wayne T. and Dr. Beverly Y. Jackson. In response, Bishop Jackson and Dr. Beverly ordained and consecrated Bishop White in the eldership and released him in the office of Pastor.

Under the direction of the Holy Spirit, Bishop White secured the first place of assembly for HGGM at Tori Station, located in Fairfield, Ohio. The first year Bishop White held Sunday Worship Service with only his wife and their children as the congregation. Bishop White continued to hold onto the vision God had given him, his faith allowed him to see that God would send disciples under his leadership. God increased the discipleship of HGGM to thirty while at Tori Station.

Believing God and holding on to the vision for a new place of assembly, Bishop White was led by God to their second place of assembly, 5079B Camelot Drive, Fairfield, Ohio.

On January 14, 2001, the first worship service was held in the new edifice. The word spread quickly regarding HGGM and the extraordinary Pastor, God had placed there. As guests came to worship, often coming back time and time again, and many eventually joined the ministry. Within a very short time, the discipleship grew to over one hundred.

Due to the tremendous growth in such a short time span, the current edifice became too small. In August 2001, while driving in his car, God once again gave Bishop White a vision for the third place of assembly. As Bishop White saw the building, God spoke to him and said, "Son, that’s the building". Bishop White informed the congregation that once again it was transition time. The new assembly would be located at 5000 Acme Drive, Fairfield, Ohio.

The address of 5000 Acme Drive is very significant to Bishop White due to its meaning. The number five represents grace and acme is defined as the highest point; one that represents perfection of a thing expressed. Bishop White strongly believes that God placed HGGM at this location to inform his people that He is taking them to the HIGHEST POINT OF GRACE!

Nearly four years after being in that location, God again spoke to Bishop White that it was now time to build the "City of God". Bishop White and the disciples adopted the theme," We Shall Posses The Promise". The "City of God" can accommodate over 700 worshippers. The previous edifice, now called the Champion Center, previously the Family Life Center, accommodates the youth ministry, day care as well as, meeting and training facilities.

On January 18, 2009, Bishop Wayne T. and Dr. Beverly Y. Jackson visited again bringing Promotion to HGGM. Pastor Steven White was elevated to the Office of Bishop and Co-Pastor Adrienne White was elevated to the Office of Pastor! To God Be the Glory!

The vision of HGGM resides deeply in the heart and soul of Bishop, Pastor White and the disciples of HGGM. Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the leadership of Bishop White, the best is yet to come for the disciples of HGGM. HGGM is committed to CHANGING LIVES FOR THE GOOD!

HGGM is governed under the apostolic and pastoral leadership of Bishop Wayne T. and Dr. Beverly Y. Jackson, Pastors of Impact Ministries International in Detroit, Michigan.